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Hello, my name is

Travis Jarrells

I'm a UX Designer with experience in the mobile gaming industry. I'm a passionate problem solver, always looking for creative solutions to design challenges. 
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Some of my recent work

7 wonders duel mockup_edited.png
7 Wonders Duel Mobile

7 Wonders Duel is a competitive board game known for its fast pace and high replay value. The focus of this case study is a concept project for a mobile version of the game. However, the game's complexity requires players to pay attention to multiple mechanics at once, which presents a challenge in creating a mobile version that will maintain the same level of challenge and player autonomy as the original.

Paradise Fortune Casino_edited.png
Paradise Fortune Casino FTUE

Paradise Fortune Casino had low early user retention during its soft launch. To improve poor KPI numbers before the worldwide launch, I used Consumer Insights data to optimize the FTUE and Star Surge feature. This led to a significant increase in retention rate (+100%), play session length (+20%), and spins per session (x2).

NFL Slot Lobby.png
Mobile Casino Lobby

As Senior UX designer, I developed the user experience and navigation model for a virtual slot app in collaboration with a major IP. Success relied on the main lobby and slot HUDs, so I collaborated with our VP of Product and Director of Game Design to run usability testing for the main lobby designs, validating our design direction.

Cowboy UX_edited.png
Cowboy UX

Designing under less than ideal circumstances. 

Home Depot Cares Mockup image_edited.jpg
The Home Depot Cares

Designing a leave of absence portal

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